About us

Nestled in the heart of downtown Georgetown, Inkwell Montessori School and Georgetown Art Express happily co-exist within the elegant but inviting environment of 77 Market Street. The school and art camp were founded in 2004 and were originally located in the quaint hamlet of Glen Williams, just a few minutes outside of Georgetown. In 2009 we opened our doors at 77 Market Street, after substantial upgrades and renovations to adapt it to its current purpose.

Built in 1877 by William Watson, the structure was originally designed and used as a Methodist church. In its lifetime it has enjoyed many and varied incarnations: an Oddfellows hall, a silent movie theatre, several restaurants, and now a Montessori school and art instruction studio. For more information about our Montessori school, please visit the Inkwell Montessori School website.

In 2010, we were delighted and fortunate to add Carole Warfield to our faculty team. Carole is the former Executive Director of Visual Arts Mississauga (a.k.a. VAM, previously Springbank Arts Mississauga), and is now the Director of GEORGETOWN ART EXPRESS.

Carole’s stellar reputation within the Mississauga art community is well known as she has played an integral leadership role for 17 years. During her tenure with VAM, Carole took great pride in growing the Association’s art programs from 15 classes, when she assumed her role, to over 80 classes in 2010. While at VAM she was successful in garnering significant funds from the Ontario Trillium Foundation for the development of new and innovative art programming. The March and Summer Art program now boasts a waiting list of over 500 children from ages 6 to 12.

Working with our talented artist/instructors this art camp will exceed your expectations. We believe art is intrinsic to a child’s development and vital to their imagination and growth. Art is fun and expressive and every child should have the opportunity to spend time working with really inspired art teachers.

Because Carole and her family reside in Georgetown, the move to Inkwell was also a practical one: “To be able to bring an Art Program of this calibre to Georgetown is very exciting. Equally exciting is to be able to attract some of the artists I have dealt with in the past who I believe are particularly gifted. Georgetown is a terrific place to live and work and I think our kids deserve a program like this! I’m also very excited about launching this program out of such a beautiful old building – 77 Market Street is truly a unique location where the children will be inspired to be creative!”